Eating dried bananas is a delectable way to get a dose of vitamins and minerals.  Banana chips are a good source of potassium, manganese, magnesium, and vitamin B6.  The first banana plantation was organized in China around the year 200 AD.  Although many people believe that bananas originated in Central America, bananas were not introduced to this region until the sixteenth century!

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  • Picture of Banana Chips, Organic (Sweetened)
    From $2.55

    Banana Chips, Organic (Sweetened)

    Organic sweetened banana chips. Crispy banana chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips, without the fat! One serving is 20% of your daily potassium.

  • Picture of Bananas, Organic
    From $4.25

    Bananas, Organic

    Organic bananas. These banana are already peeled for you! Organic, with nothing added, this nutritious snack is high in Potassium and vitamin C.

  • Picture of All About Fruit - Superior Blend
    From $11.25

    All About Fruit - Superior Blend

    A delicious blend of various no sugar added dried fruit, including mango strips, Thompson raisins, pineapples, bananas, raw coconut chips and gooseberries. Great for sharing or enjoying by yourself!