Dates originated in North Africa and are a very important part of the cuisine of the Middle East.  A single mature date tree can produce more than 200 pounds of fruit in one season.  Dates are a good source of fiber, and are sweet and delicious enough to be eaten as a dessert on its own! 

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  • Picture of Dates Deglet Noor, Organic (Pitted)
    From $4.90

    Dates Deglet Noor, Organic (Pitted)

    Organic Deglet Noor dates, pitted for your convenience. These sweet, chewy dates are delicious on their own, or add texture to fruit salad.

  • Picture of Dates Medjool, Organic
    From $5.25

    Dates Medjool, Organic

    Organic Medjool dates are sweet, chewy, delicious and fat free! Great for baking or adding to mixed nuts.

  • Picture of Nuts About Fruit - Casbah Tray
    From $29.45

    Nuts About Fruit - Casbah Tray

    A wonderful gift tray including, Pistachio kernels, Almonds, Organic Deglet Dates, and Organic Turkish Apricots. No Salt or Sugar Added. Excellent for gifts and parties!