Historically, figs were used as sweeteners due to their sweet flavor.  Figs were highly respected by the Ancient Greeks, who gave winning athletes in the Olympic Games fig wreaths to wear and figs to eat as prizes.  Figs originated in Asia Minor, but can now be found growing throughout the world.  Kariba Farms dried figs are a good source of fiber and manganese.

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  • Picture of Figs Mission, Organic
    From $4.90

    Figs Mission, Organic

    Organic Mission figs. Hailing from northern California, these sweet, dark skinned figs are perfect for snacking anytime!

  • Picture of Figs Turkish, Organic
    From $4.20

    Figs Turkish, Organic

    Turkish figs are some of the most delicious and healthy fruits available! If you once loved pre-packed "fig newtons", then these will bring back those fond memories.