Ginger is a plant stem that grows underground and is thought to have many medicinal properties, including settling upset stomachs and easing nausea. The cultivation of ginger began in South Asia, and has spread to the Caribbean and East Africa.  Ginger  has many additional health benefits, including treatment of morning sickness, reducing pain and inflammation, heartburn relief, cold and flu prevention and treatment, and migraine relief.

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  • Picture of Australian Ginger Chips, Natural (Bakers Cut)
    From $3.95

    Australian Ginger Chips, Natural (Bakers Cut)

    Natural Australian ginger chips. A healthy snack that aides digestion and stimulates circulation. Great as an addition to fruit salad or oatmeal. Perfect size for baked goods and adds zest to any recipe.

  • Picture of Australian Ginger Slices, Natural
    From $4.75

    Australian Ginger Slices, Natural

    Australian ginger slices. Gently sliced and and crystallized in natural sugar. Research has shown Ginger to be effective in controlling nausea and motion sickness. Ginger enhances metabolism and assists the body in burning fat. This treat melts in your mouth and has a wonderful soothing effect.

  • Picture of Ginger Crystallized Sugar, Natural
    From $3.95

    Ginger Crystallized Sugar, Natural

    Natural ginger with crystallized sugar. Adds a sweet spice to baking or a hot cup of tea! Dices are 17 to 20 mm (approx 0.75 inch)

  • Picture of CranGinger Mix, Natural (Cranberries, Crystallized Ginger)
    From $3.90

    CranGinger Mix, Natural (Cranberries, Crystallized Ginger)

    Natural CranGinger mix with cranberries and crystallized Ginger. A delicious snack or healthy addition to baked goods.