Dried Fruit & Berries

Kariba FarmsTM premium Dried Fruit and Berries are delicious!  Explore and enjoy many unique varieties.  Many items are available as all natural, organic, and kosher certified.  You can feel good about treating your family to healthy, flavorful dried fruit when it is from Kariba Farms. Many pet foods use our all-natural dried fruit as an ingredient as well. Treat your pets to the best!

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  • Picture of Bananas, Organic
    From $4.25

    Bananas, Organic

    Organic bananas. These banana are already peeled for you! Organic, with nothing added, this nutritious snack is high in Potassium and vitamin C.

  • Picture of Blueberries Apple Juice Infused, Natural
    From $6.75

    Blueberries Apple Juice Infused, Natural

    All-Natural apple-juice infused blueberries. Try them on their own or add to your favorite dish. Great for baking, cereal, yogurt, pancakes, granola, salads or even just for snacking!

  • Picture of Blueberries Wild, Organic
    From $11.90

    Blueberries Wild, Organic

    Organic wild blueberries infused with organic evaporated cane juice. These wild sumptuous, slightly sweetened blueberries are flavorful and yummy! Great for cereal, cakes, muffins,and pancakes!

  • Picture of Cherries Bing, Natural
    From $7.15

    Cherries Bing, Natural

    Natural Bing cherries. These ever popular sweet, deep red cherries are native to the Pacific coast of the US. Dried at the peak of harvest, Bing cherries are sure to please!

  • Picture of Cherries Montmorency Natural No Sugar Added
    From $6.65

    Cherries Montmorency Natural No Sugar Added

    Delicious cherries that will satisfy your cravings for a nutritious treat! Made without using artificial ingredients or preservatives, No Sugar Added!

  • Picture of Cherries Rainier, Natural
    From $7.15

    Cherries Rainier, Natural

    Natural Rainier cherries are sweet and delicate. A delectable way to get daily potassium, which may help to control blood pressure and reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke.

  • Picture of Cherries Tart Organic, Unsweetened
    From $9.00

    Cherries Tart Organic, Unsweetened

    Delicious tart cherries with no sugar added! Quite possibly the best dried cherry you will ever taste!

  • Picture of Coconut Shredded, Natural
    From $2.60

    Coconut Shredded, Natural

    Natural shredded coconut. Great for any recipe requiring coconut. Can also be used as a delicious topping on oatmeal, granola, or in baked goods.