Dried Fruit & Berries

Kariba FarmsTM premium Dried Fruit and Berries are delicious!  Explore and enjoy many unique varieties.  Many items are available as all natural, organic, and kosher certified.  You can feel good about treating your family to healthy, flavorful dried fruit when it is from Kariba Farms. Many pet foods use our all-natural dried fruit as an ingredient as well. Treat your pets to the best!

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  • Picture of Coconut Shredded, Organic
    From $2.95

    Coconut Shredded, Organic

    Organic shredded coconut. Add a taste of the tropics to your morning oatmeal and granola, or a nutty twist to cookies and cakes. Also great for any recipe requiring coconut.

  • Picture of Cranberries Apple Juice Infused, Natural
    From $4.95

    Cranberries Apple Juice Infused, Natural

    Natural cranberries, infused with apple juice. A popular choice, these cranberries are absolutely delicious, sweet, and juicy. Add as a natural sweetener to cereal, snacks, or yogurt.

  • Picture of Cranberries, Organic with Organic Cane Sugar
    From $5.15

    Cranberries, Organic with Organic Cane Sugar

    Organic cranberries with organic cane sugar, no preservatives or sulfur added. This fruit is sure to delight your taste buds with its sweet and tangy flavor.

  • Picture of Currant Zante, Natural No Sugar Added
    From $3.20

    Currant Zante, Natural No Sugar Added

    Zante currants are very small and intensely flavored. They are excellent for baking or snacking. Add to pancakes, pies, sauces, toppings or recipes.

  • Picture of Dates Deglet Noor, Organic (Pitted)
    From $4.90

    Dates Deglet Noor, Organic (Pitted)

    Organic Deglet Noor dates, pitted for your convenience. These sweet, chewy dates are delicious on their own, or add texture to fruit salad.

  • Picture of Dates Medjool, Organic
    From $5.25

    Dates Medjool, Organic

    Organic Medjool dates are sweet, chewy, delicious and fat free! Great for baking or adding to mixed nuts.

  • Picture of Figs Mission, Organic
    From $4.90

    Figs Mission, Organic

    Organic Mission figs. Hailing from northern California, these sweet, dark skinned figs are perfect for snacking anytime!

  • Picture of Figs Turkish, Organic
    From $4.20

    Figs Turkish, Organic

    Turkish figs are some of the most delicious and healthy fruits available! If you once loved pre-packed "fig newtons", then these will bring back those fond memories.