Dried Fruit & Berries

Kariba FarmsTM premium Dried Fruit and Berries are delicious!  Explore and enjoy many unique varieties.  Many items are available as all natural, organic, and kosher certified.  You can feel good about treating your family to healthy, flavorful dried fruit when it is from Kariba Farms. Many pet foods use our all-natural dried fruit as an ingredient as well. Treat your pets to the best!

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  • Picture of Coconut Chips, Organic
    From $7.20

    Coconut Chips, Organic

    Organic coconut chips. Great for any recipe requiring coconut. Can also be used as a topping on oatmeal, granola, or in baking.

  • Picture of Apple Rings, Natural
    From $5.15

    Apple Rings, Natural

    Natural apple rings made from fresh dried apples. These soft apples are cored and peeled, delicious for healthy snacking or baking and kids love them!

  • Picture of Apple Rings, Organic
    From $5.40

    Apple Rings, Organic

    Organic apple rings. Get your 'apple a day' serving in a whole new way. These yummy treats are great for healthy kid snack packs!

  • Picture of Apples Diced, Natural
    From $5.30

    Apples Diced, Natural

    Natural diced apples. These yummy diced apples are a great size, perfect to put in homemade trail mix, granola, or oatmeal.

  • Picture of Apricots Turkish, Organic
    From $5.95

    Apricots Turkish, Organic

    Organic Turkish apricots. Turkish apricots are flavorful and chewy, excellent as a snack at anytime of the day.

  • Picture of Australian Ginger Chips, Natural (Bakers Cut)
    From $3.95

    Australian Ginger Chips, Natural (Bakers Cut)

    Natural Australian ginger chips. A healthy snack that aides digestion and stimulates circulation. Great as an addition to fruit salad or oatmeal. Perfect size for baked goods and adds zest to any recipe.

  • Picture of Australian Ginger Slices, Natural
    From $4.75

    Australian Ginger Slices, Natural

    Australian ginger slices. Gently sliced and and crystallized in natural sugar. Research has shown Ginger to be effective in controlling nausea and motion sickness. Ginger enhances metabolism and assists the body in burning fat. This treat melts in your mouth and has a wonderful soothing effect.

  • Picture of Banana Chips, Organic (Sweetened)
    From $2.55

    Banana Chips, Organic (Sweetened)

    Organic sweetened banana chips. Crispy banana chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips, without the fat! One serving is 20% of your daily potassium.