Organic Products

USDA certified Organic products! Farmed free of pesticides, organic is the new trend for healthy living!

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  • Picture of Almonds Whole Raw, Organic (No Shell)
    From $7.85

    Almonds Whole Raw, Organic (No Shell)

    Organic whole raw almonds. Completely raw, these almonds contain all their natural flavor and are absolutely delicious. These almonds are not pasteurized.

  • Picture of Organic Bites

    Organic Bites

    More than a pound of all organic treats to share with the whole family. This gift tray includes organic jelly beans, organic gummy bears, organic sweetened cranberries, and organic cherries.

  • Picture of Apple Rings, Organic
    From $5.40

    Apple Rings, Organic

    Organic apple rings. Get your 'apple a day' serving in a whole new way. These yummy treats are great for healthy kid snack packs!

  • Picture of Apricots Turkish, Organic
    From $5.95

    Apricots Turkish, Organic

    Organic Turkish apricots. Turkish apricots are flavorful and chewy, excellent as a snack at anytime of the day.

  • Picture of Banana Chips, Organic (Sweetened)
    From $2.55

    Banana Chips, Organic (Sweetened)

    Organic sweetened banana chips. Crispy banana chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips, without the fat! One serving is 20% of your daily potassium.

  • Picture of Bananas, Organic
    From $4.25

    Bananas, Organic

    Organic bananas. These banana are already peeled for you! Organic, with nothing added, this nutritious snack is high in Potassium and vitamin C.

  • Picture of Blueberries Wild, Organic
    From $11.90

    Blueberries Wild, Organic

    Organic wild blueberries infused with organic evaporated cane juice. These wild sumptuous, slightly sweetened blueberries are flavorful and yummy! Great for cereal, cakes, muffins,and pancakes!

  • Picture of Brazil Nuts, Organic (No Salt, No Shell)
    From $6.50

    Brazil Nuts, Organic (No Salt, No Shell)

    Organic Brazil nuts. These South American nuts are large and extremely rich in taste. An excellent source of magnesium and selenium, eating Brazil nuts is a great way to add protein to your diet.

  • Picture of Coconut Shredded, Organic
    From $2.95

    Coconut Shredded, Organic

    Organic shredded coconut. Add a taste of the tropics to your morning oatmeal and granola, or a nutty twist to cookies and cakes. Also great for any recipe requiring coconut.

  • Picture of Cashews Whole Raw, Organic (Unsalted, No Shell)
    From $6.95

    Cashews Whole Raw, Organic (Unsalted, No Shell)

    Organic whole raw cashews. Full of natural flavor and sweetness, these cashews are delicious. A high protein/low carbohydrate snack, great at anytime of the day!

  • Picture of Cherries Tart Organic, Unsweetened
    From $9.00

    Cherries Tart Organic, Unsweetened

    Delicious tart cherries with no sugar added! Quite possibly the best dried cherry you will ever taste!

  • Picture of Coconut Chips, Organic
    From $7.20

    Coconut Chips, Organic

    Organic coconut chips. Great for any recipe requiring coconut. Can also be used as a topping on oatmeal, granola, or in baking.

  • Picture of Cranberries, Organic with Organic Cane Sugar
    From $5.15

    Cranberries, Organic with Organic Cane Sugar

    Organic cranberries with organic cane sugar, no preservatives or sulfur added. This fruit is sure to delight your taste buds with its sweet and tangy flavor.

  • Picture of Dates Deglet Noor, Organic (Pitted)
    From $4.90

    Dates Deglet Noor, Organic (Pitted)

    Organic Deglet Noor dates, pitted for your convenience. These sweet, chewy dates are delicious on their own, or add texture to fruit salad.

  • Picture of Dates Medjool, Organic
    From $5.25

    Dates Medjool, Organic

    Organic Medjool dates are sweet, chewy, delicious and fat free! Great for baking or adding to mixed nuts.

  • Picture of Figs Mission, Organic
    From $4.90

    Figs Mission, Organic

    Organic Mission figs. Hailing from northern California, these sweet, dark skinned figs are perfect for snacking anytime!

  • Picture of Figs Turkish, Organic
    From $4.20

    Figs Turkish, Organic

    Turkish figs are some of the most delicious and healthy fruits available! If you once loved pre-packed "fig newtons", then these will bring back those fond memories.

  • Picture of Flax Seeds Brown, Organic
    From $2.50

    Flax Seeds Brown, Organic

    Organic brown flax seed. These healthy seeds have an earthy and nutty taste. Just two teaspoons of flax seeds meets the daily requirement of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep the heart healthy. Add to oatmeal, granola, salads, or any baked good.

  • Picture of Goji Berries, Organic
    From $10.25

    Goji Berries, Organic

    Organic Goji berries. These amazing little red berries claim to be one the of the most nutritious foods on the planet! Full of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and antioxidants, this is a snack you will definitely feel good about!

  • Picture of Gummy Bears, Organic Vegan
    From $5.25

    Gummy Bears, Organic Vegan

    Organic & vegan gummy cubs. Treat yourself with fruity organic gummy cubs! Great for kids and vegan friendly.

  • Picture of Green Raisins, Organic
    From $4.60

    Green Raisins, Organic

    These green (golden) organic raisins are incredibly delicious and sweet! No Sugar Added and no preservatives!

  • Picture of Jelly Beans, Organic
    From $5.25

    Jelly Beans, Organic

    Organic & vegetarian jelly beans. Have a treat that you can feel good about! These jelly beans are made with organic ingredients and taste delicious.

  • Picture of Mango Strips, Organic
    From $6.95

    Mango Strips, Organic

    Organic dried mango strips. One of our most popular items. This tropical fruit is a tasty snack you can take anywhere!

  • Picture of Mango, Organic
    From $7.15

    Mango, Organic

    Organic dried mango. One of our most popular items, these organic mangos retain an amazingly sweet and succulent flavor. This tropical fruit is a tasty snack you can take anywhere!

  • Picture of Mulberries White, Organic
    From $4.65

    Mulberries White, Organic

    Mulberries are an excellent snack with similar texture to raspberries. High in many vitamins such as vitamin C, iron, calcium, protein and dietary fiber, you won't want to stop eating them!

  • Picture of Only Organic! Gift Tray

    Only Organic! Gift Tray

    A purely organic 1 pound 13 ounce assortment of dried fruit, including: blueberries, cranberries, apple rings, cherries, apricots, and mango.

  • Picture of Pears, Organic
    From $6.35

    Pears, Organic

    Organic dried pears are a good source of fiber and vitamin K, and are chock full of antioxidants. Dried pears are tasty when added to cakes, breads and muffins, or can be re-hydrated to make a sweet sauce.

  • Picture of Pecans, Halves Raw, Organic
    From $9.35

    Pecans, Halves Raw, Organic

    Organic raw mammoth-sized pecan halves. The popular pecan nuts have a very rich flavor and are high in manganese. Try making a classic pecan dish, such as pecan pie or candied pecans. Pecans are also a fun addition to waffles and are fantastic in salads or salad dressings!

  • Picture of Pineapple Rings, Organic
    From $6.60

    Pineapple Rings, Organic

    Organic dried pineapples are always in season at Kariba Farms! Deliciously sweet, this fruit makes a unique and tropical addition to trail mix, granola, and yogurt.

  • Picture of Plums, Organic (Pitted Prunes)
    From $6.50

    Plums, Organic (Pitted Prunes)

    Organic dried plums, pitted for your convenience. Sticky and sweet, these plums are a good source of potassium and fiber!

  • Picture of Pumpkin Seeds Raw, Organic (Unsalted, No Shell)
    From $4.50

    Pumpkin Seeds Raw, Organic (Unsalted, No Shell)

    Organic shelled pumpkin seeds with no added salt. Delicious in natural form, these pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of essential minerals, Omega 3 oils, and protein.

  • Picture of Quinoa White, Organic
    From $4.85

    Quinoa White, Organic

    Pronouced KEEN-WA. Organic white quinoa. This edible seed can be used as a grain substitute, although it is actually a relative of leafy green vegetables. Quinoa has a light and fluffy texture and nutty flavor when cooked. Ideal for rice or pasta substitution in gluten-free diets.

  • Picture of Raisins Red Flame, Organic
    From $3.25

    Raisins Red Flame, Organic

    Organic Red Flame raisins. Moist, sweet, delicious raisins made from red flame grapes. Add to salads, cookies, or puddings for a fun and tasty treat! No Oil, no preservatives

  • Picture of Raisins Thompson, Organic
    From $2.80

    Raisins Thompson, Organic

    Organic Thompson raisins. Thompson raisins are the most popular variety of raisins. These all-purpose raisins are delicious for snacking or baking!

  • Picture of Sunflower Seeds Raw, Organic (Unsalted, No Shell)
    From $3.65

    Sunflower Seeds Raw, Organic (Unsalted, No Shell)

    Organic hulled sunflower seeds with no added salt. Easy to eat without the shell, sunflower seeds are a very healthy snack, packed with vitamins and minerals. Snacking on these regularly can help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

  • Picture of Walnuts Halves & Pieces, Organic
    From $8.85

    Walnuts Halves & Pieces, Organic

    Organic halves and pieces freshly sliced out of the walnut shell. They have a delicious natural flavor, and will enhance any baked good or dish that requires walnuts.