Quarantine Pantry Box

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Kariba’s specially curated Quarantine Pantry Box contains a wide variety of all natural dried fruits and nuts, soups and snacks that will keep the whole family satisfied even when you can’t get to the store.

This pantry filling package contains 5 different types of nuts (almonds,cashew, pecans,walnuts, peanuts). It also has 5 different types of dried fruit (diced apples, Bing cherries, raisins, banana chips, blueberries).  Then there are 5 different types of dried soups (mushroom soup, spiced quinoa, vegetable stew, sweet pepper quinoa, tomato soup) 2 different kinds of quinoa (plain and magical mushroom). Finally we included a trail mix and granola for 42 items in all!

Purchase with confidence from Kariba Farms, all of our items are all-natural, fresh clean foods shipped fast directly to your door. We have created this Quarantine Pantry Box and are offering at this special price after hearing from you about the items you would most like to have handy during these uncertain times.


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