Rubs, Hot Sauces, Preserves

Kariba FarmsTM explores some very out-of-the-way places to find new and exciting tastes.  Recent discoveries include Peri-Peri pepper sauces from Africa.  Peri-Peri is expected to become the next taste sensation to sweep through the United States.  As usual, Kariba Farms is opening this door and securing the highest quality product available. Try Peri-Peri and other flavors and seasonings.

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  • Picture of Gefen Honey, Natural
    From $4.50

    Gefen Honey, Natural

    Gefen Honey is an excellent quality honey produced by Gefen. Delicious and all-natural!

  • Picture of Jamaican' Me Spicy Rub

    Jamaican' Me Spicy Rub

    Take an island holiday at the convenience of your dinner table. Chock full of heat, this deliciously spicy rub is a great addition to seafood, poultry, or even seasoned rice.

  • Picture of Haitian Surf Rub

    Haitian Surf Rub

    Relish the Caribbean with this savory rub. A unique blend of spices, paprika, salt, and onion, Haitian Surf is sure to make a splash at mealtime.

  • Picture of Peri-Peri, Hot

    Peri-Peri, Hot

    On the rise of popularity, this extremely spicy Portuguese chili pepper is an new unique flavor. In a deliciously blended sauce, our Hot Per-Peri adds a considerable amount of heat to any dish! Can be used as a condiment or marinade.