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Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Embarking on an extended journey can be an exciting endeavor; but proper preparation is essential to ensuring your expedition is an enjoyable one, especially when it entails extensive travel time. Of all the considerations that go into planning an ambitious outing, one of the most important aspects is often overlooked: food. Instead of packing suitable snacks, many opt to eat whatever collations they come across at gas stations or convenience stores along the way.

Long car trips can be particularly draining for drivers and passengers alike, so it’s absolutely vital to select the right sustenance to sustain your party throughout the trip. Foods that are packed with sugar or saturated fat may offer a quick path to your return to the road, but the short-sighted energy they supply is setting you up for an ugly crash. Rather, you should select foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

But knowing what to search for in a food is just the first step towards stocking your car with snacks for an enduring escapade. You need treats that are not only wholesome but also compact and easy to eat. What you decide to bring with you will depend largely on how many stops you are willing to make, how much space your vehicle affords each passenger, and your own personal palates and preferences.

With the aim of accommodating any needs and tastes, we’ve proffered suggestions that can be easily stored in resealable bags and small storage containers. We also recommend that you find a compact cooler to keep your fresh foods chilled; be sure, however, to use reusable ice packs instead of ice to prevent your snacks from getting soggy should traffic melt your ice into a lukewarm liquid.

To help you select a scrumptious array of amenities, we’ve put together a list of recipes and snacks that offer a variety of flavors. Each choice also intends to minimize messes by avoiding finger foods that can spill or stain. Some of our suggestions, however, assume you have a trusty thermos to store a sweet smoothie or an innate ability to bring our delicious desserts to your mouth without dropping them on yourself or your upholstery. In any event, we hope that you find these energizing portions readily portable and easy to eat!

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