Barbecue 3 Nut Rub Assortment Pack

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Just in time for the summer barbecue season, we have packed 3 of our Kariba Farms’ most popular seasoning rubs into one great package at a special price.  Perfect for Memorial Day cook-outs, Father’s Day gifts or just anytime you are looking to spice up a meal. These exclusive seasoning recipes are sure to please:

Kariba Poultry Rub – A unique blend of spices including salt, onion, garlic and lemon is sure to perk up guests at the dinner table. Great on or off the grill, have the taste of summer all year round!

Kariba Pork Rub – Exactly what is needed for your pork dishes. But don’t let the name fool you is for more than just pork these days.

Kariba Haitian Rub – Relish the Caribbean with this savory rub. Perfect for steaks and a variety of beef meals. A unique blend of spices, paprika, salt  and onion. Haitian Surf is sure to make a splash at mealtime.

Packaging: Three (3) convenient 5 oz. shaker bottles.


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