Ginger Crystallized Sugar All Natural

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Natural ginger cubes with crystallized sugar. Adds a sweet spice to baking or a hot cup of tea!

Crystallized ginger is made of gingerroot that has been cooked until softened, and then lightly coated in sugar. Our candied ginger is pungent with a spicy-sweet flavor and is moist and chewy. It is embraced as a natural remedy for reducing hot flashes – huge numbers of women swear by it. Crystallized ginger helps alleviate indigestion and colds…and don’t forget to take it with you on boat trips for sea sickness! (Some of us here know from experience that candied ginger is an absolutely essential part of your travel kit…)

Interestingly, ginger itself is as old as the recorded history of man. A native to southern Asia and India, it is spoken of in the Jewish Talmud, written about by Marco Polo, and even recommended by Henry VIII as a remedy against the plague.

Crystallized Ginger Uses
Crystallized ginger is a versatile snack that you can enjoy on its own or paired with other foods. Chop our candied ginger into small pieces and add it to baked goods like cookies, breads, and cakes for a kick of sweet spice. For a quick ginger tea, steep a piece of our crystallized ginger in a hot cup of water. An aromatic ginger tea will await you in a matter of minutes. Candied ginger also adds zest to stir-frys and other savory dishes. Get creative with it!


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