Strawberries Natural Apple Juice Infused

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Enjoy a simpler, uncompromised piece of dried fruit with our dried natural strawberries, made with no artificial dyes or sweeteners. These whole, dried strawberries are sweetened with real fruit juice. One taste of these sweet berry gems, and you’ll be hooked. Please note that strawberries tend to lose their red color during the drying process.

  • Dried Whole Strawberries. Sweet. Dehydrated.
  • Our Strawberries are not too hard & not too soft. The consistency is perfectly balanced and ready to pop into your mouth.
  • These sweet Strawberries can be used as one of your many dessert ingredients or they can help enrich a healthy smoothie.

1 review for Strawberries Natural Apple Juice Infused

  1. Camille Ziegenhagen

    I discovered these amazing dried natural strawberries several years ago in NYC. However found out the real secret that Kariba Farms sells them! They are like like a kid fruit roll up for adults! So amazing and I look forward to the sweet taste and texture anytime I get to! They also bring a little joy into everyone’s life who tries them!

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