Onion Garlic Pistachio NutCrusters Gourmet Coating (Keto, Paleo & Atkins)



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Chicken, burgers, fish, oh my! That is what they will be saying the next time you use our Onion Garlic Pistachio Gourmet Coating. Make this a pantry staple and you will find yourself using it everyday. Chicken tenders with flavor, eggplant parm that is to die for. You need to treat yourself to a healthier alternative to breading.

All natural ingredients with no preservatives and made with flax for heart healthy omega 3’s.

These Keto, Paleo and Atkins friendly coatings are made with just all natural spices, nuts and fried pork skins.  They are that simple and clean!

See the Kariba Recipes Page for ideas on how to use NutCrusters everyday!


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